The first thing in our thoughts, hearts, and actions is the patient.
We are distinguished by over 20 years of experience and holistic approach to treatment. We find causes of illnesses and this is why we treat the patients effectively. We undertake to treat complicated medical cases.
We are specialized in advanced diagnostics and surgery. Under the consultation of
Dr vet Jacek Mederski we perform innovative surgical operations including neurosurgery.
VERUM Veterinary Clinic is a place dedicated to treatment and health of animals where one can find: computer tomography, operation room, hospital for animals, diagnostic laboratory.


My everyday challenge in my work at the clinic and passing over knowledge to other doctors is to show that our work is a duty. It requires heart, knowledge, sacrifice and courage.

As a veterinary doctor I have been showing how to remain faithful to this duty since 1991. The 3 most important rules which for me are a benchmark every day and I pass them to those who wish to excel at medical art:


  • The first thing in our thoughts, hearts, and actions is the patient.
  • Always have holistic approach assessing condition and gathering information from an owner.
  • Diagnostics is the key to solving a problem.

Dr vet Jacek Mederski

Owner of VERUM Veterinary Clinic
Specialist in the fields of surgery and neurosurgery
Veterinary radiologist


Knowledge and experience

We have been treating patients for over 20 years

Commitment to our patients

Due to the use of modern diagnostics we are relentless in finding the cause of an illness

Comprehensive care

From the very first visit, through surgery and up to hospitalization and recovery.


We cure in a holistic way.

We provide full care from the very first visit to recovery. The clinic allows not only consultation, visits and treatment but also hospitalization and rehabilitation if our patients require it.


We prefer holistic approach when treating the patients, observe and put emphasis on the diagnostics. Thanks to knowledge and equipment which we use in the clinic we do thorough tests. They are ground for finding the cause of an illness and to cure effectively.


In the clinic there are performed operations under the consultation of Dr vet Jacek Mederski in the fields of: neurology and neurosurgery – diagnostics and surgical treatment and conservative therapy of DDD (paralysis, paresis of limbs), treatment of CES and Wobbler syndrome and atlanto-axial joint dislocation...

Internal medicine

Through the use of all available diagnostic devices combined with the best medical knowledge our team of specialist doctors solves internal “riddles” concerning illnesses of cats and dogs.

People and animals friendly
RTG and Tomography
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Treatment on credit
Disabled friendly