What do we do

We cure in a holistic way.

We provide full care from the very first visit to recovery.

The clinic allows not only consultation, visits and treatment but also hospitalization and rehabilitation if our patients require it.

Conversation is a key – it is a crux of good diagnostics. We are honest in relations with the owners of our patients presenting treatment plan and possibilities which are offered by modern medicine. We perform examinations and surgeries which are necessary for patients’ recovery.

We educate on the best care of animals by implementation of prevention and monitoring programs for certain diseases. During conversations and consultations with owners we share our knowledge about animal world so they can understand their friends even better. You will find us on Facebook – let’s talk.


We prefer holistic approach when treating the patients, observe and put emphasis on the diagnostics. Thanks to knowledge and equipment which we use in the clinic we do thorough tests. They are ground for finding the cause of an illness and to cure effectively.

The tests we do:

  • Computer tomography
  • usg,
  • gastroscopy (stomach examination),
  • collonoscopy (bowels examination),
  • rhinoscopy (nasal tract and sinuses examination),
  • bronchoscopy (upper respiratory tracts examination),
  • otoscopy (ear canals examination),
  • ECG,
  • ECHOCARDIOGRAM  (USG of heart, echocardiography),
  • image examination of spinal cord – myelography
  • digital RTG with fluoroscopy,
  • taking samples of tissues, blood, swabs and microscope assessment performed by specialized pathologist,
  • arthroscopy of elbow, knee and shoulder joints.


In the clinic there are performed operations under the consultation of Dr vet Jacek Mederski in the fields of:

  • neurology and neurosurgery – diagnostics and surgical treatment and conservative therapy of DDD (paralysis, paresis of limbs), treatment of CES and Wobbler syndrome and atlanto-axial joint dislocation,
  • surgery of soft tissues and their transplantology,
  • chest surgery,
  • specialist bone surgery – the most modern techniques for operation of knee joint ( TTA RAPID, MMP, TPLO, CWTO) , elbow
    (during dysplasia e.g. PAUL, CUE), and treatment of fractures with the use of the most recent stabilising techniques ( locked bolts, external stabilisers)
  • surgical correction of congenital disorders of respiratory tracts of brachycephalic (bulldogs, pug dogs etc.),
  • diagnostics and surgical treatment of protosystemic shunt.

Internal medicine

Through the use of all available diagnostic devices combined with the best medical knowledge our team of specialist doctors solves internal “riddles” concerning illnesses of cats and dogs.

We are especially characteristic for knowledge and experience in dermatology and ophthalmology. We are successful in treating rodents, lagomorphs and specific diseases of cats.