Who are we

Few words about the history of the clinic

We have been treating the patients since 1992. The beginnings of the clinic date back to 1992 when Marlena ‎Łuszczaniec and Jacek Mederski opened “MED-VET” clinic for animals. In 2001 the clinic moved to a new building and as the very first in Kuyavian-Pomeranian region obtained the status of Veterinary Clinic.

Today it is one of the best equipped clinics in the region. The team of the clinic under the consultation of Dr vet Jacek Mederski performs advanced surgical operations and is specialized in soft tissues, orthopaedics and neurosurgery.


Dr vet Jacek Mederski

In 1992 he established his own pet clinic in Grudziądz which obtained the status of veterinary clinic in 2001 and it had served its patients until now. Jacek Mederski conducts advanced surgical operations in the fields of neurosurgery, soft tissues, up to specialist bone surgery. More at www.jacekmederski.com. In 2011 he achieved a doctorate degree of veterinary studies in the field of veterinary surgery under supervision of professor Zbigniew Adamiak of University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. The topic of his doctorate thesis is “Triple tibia osteotomy in own modification as an operation technique in treatment of anterior cruciate ligament in dogs.” Dr Jacek Mederski apart from his great passion for veterinary science has several other hobbies such as riding a motorcycle, skiing and cooking.

Dr Wojciech Matyśkiewicz

A veterinary doctor who knows how to solve skin conditions of your pets. The history of treatment of all his patients proves that precise diagnostics and cooperation with the owner enables recovery in even the most difficult cases. Specialized in veterinary dermatology since 2013. Member of European Society of Veterinary Dermatology. He took part in European Congress of Veterinary Dermatology in Valencia (2013), Cracow (2015) and World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology in Bordeaux in France (2016). He is constantly improving his knowledge by apprenticeships at other clinics and numerous trainings. He did his clinical practice in a reference clinic in Great Britain and in the veterinary clinic of internal diseases at Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. He has recently finished courses from clinical cytology and laboratory diagnostics. He likes to spend time in an active way cycling or kayaking. He is particularly interested in hunting dogs. He believes that happiness is about living at peace with oneself.

Dr Agata Stępień

A veterinary doctor who is responsible for pre- and post- surgery care in the clinic. She assists during operations and looks after technical side of procedures. She did her practice in Veterinary Clinic in Piza within Erasmus and apprenticeship in the clinic of Dr Mederski. She did courses in ultrasonography and English for veterinary. She is interested in mountain bikes and skiing. She loves baking and making desserts. Her greatest luxury is peace of mind.

Agata Dramińska

A veterinary assistant She studied at the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz and graduated biotechnology with Master Engineer title. Her MA thesis concerned Real-Time PCR. Her studies involved a lot of laboratory work so she can apply her knowledge at work effectively. Before she started work she had trained as a laboratory worker at MWiO in Grudziądz and Regional Specialist Hospital under the name of dr Wł. Biegański. She is capable when using laboratory and diagnostic equipment. She has loved animals since her childhood with special attention to dogs. Her Labrador is named Petra. She loves travels. She is interested in biology, genetics, and medicine. Every spare moment is spent actively for her.

Dr Marlena Mederska

a veterinary doctor specialized in illnesses of cats and dogs. She participates in numerous veterinary conferences to be up to date with current veterinary knowledge. In 2016 she started studying at international school of veterinary anaesthesiologists – VASTA. Her canine companion is yorkshire terrier named Hela. She spends her free time at Polish seaside with a good book. She believes that there are no matters that cannot be solved – she likes challenges.

Dr Katarzyna Wiśniewska

Dr Małgorzata Adrowska

a veterinary doctor, graduated Veterinary Medicine faculty in Olsztyn in 2015. Her professional passion is ophthalmology of small animals. Therefore she looks after health of our patients’ eyes in the clinic. She is also interested in diagnostics and treatment of internal diseases of small animals, especially endocrinology, reproduction and paediatrics. She also handles anaesthesiology in the clinic. Constantly developing her knowledge, taking part in various conferences and trainings, mostly from the field of the eyes and ultrasonography. She looks after her patients with greatest care as it is said that “it is human compassion to other creatures which makes us truly human beings.” Apart from work she is a happy owner of Scottish Sheepdog “Nevis” and a great lover of these dogs. In free time she sings and plays the piano. She loves sea and long walks with a camera in her hand.

Aneta Michalska

Registration manager who welcomes every day with a smile. She has worked in the clinic since 2009 and managed organisation of office work and customer service. Effective conversation is her speciality. She is responsible for documentation and data archives. She loves cycling or going for a walk after work.

Ola Hegner

Beata Mathiak

Bożena Woźniak